Giving Back

I believe in giving back to my community and do so by volunteering my photographic skills to animal shelters. Since 2011, I have been photographing dogs for Longmont Humane Society's (LHS) website. Since 2011 I have photographed over 2,200 shelter dogs!  Creating beautiful images of dogs in need helps them find forever homes more quickly by showing their true personalties.


HeARTs Speak In May of 2013 I was accepted as a professional member of Hearts Speak. HeARTs Speak is an organization that support artists helping animals. Their mission statement is " to save the lives of animals in need by supporting artists, animal welfare organizations and communities". I am honored to be a member of this group and look forward to helping more animals!

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is where I adopted my two dogs, just two years after Hurricane Katrina, and where my love of photographing shelter pets started. I have visited ARNO just about every year since 2007. During these visits I volunteer a lot of elbow grease for most of the day and then take some time to photograph the dogs and cats. During my first visit with my sister, we spent a week photographing the shelter as well as the devastation still apparent from the hurricane all around the city. We then presented our work in Boulder at an art gallery, sold some of our images and donated the money to ARNO. You can visit their website at:

Red Rover is wonderful rescue group that rescues animals from situations such as natural disasters, animal hoarding, and puppy mills. I have been a volunteer with them for several years and assisted on a rescue effort in Montana, removing 96 dogs from a hoarding situation. I also photographed part of the effort and Red Rover was able to use these images for their newsletter and public relations efforts. You can learn more about them at